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Feutsche is your Best Exterior Design Service in Delhi, Gurugram is the choice . Being the Top Exterior Designer in the area, we take pleasure in offering our clients outstanding design options that not only improve the appearance of their properties but also increase their value. With our knowledge of Indian House Exterior Design, we can produce distinctive and personalized designs that are catered to your particular requirements and tastes.

At Feutsche, we recognize that the outside of your home or business is just as significant as the inside. We therefore provide a wide range of services to meet all of your requirements for external design. Our knowledge and experience allow us to build attractive outdoor spaces that will leave an impression on your visitors and guests, from facade design to landscape design.

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Our Working Process

We've distilled our Interior Design process into 5 Steps – In these steps, the designer visits your home to gather more.




To get the ball rolling, we begin to analyse the requirements of our clients because we believe that our courteous treatment will make a customer a walking advertisement. By dodging down their wishlist, we decide a goal for us to make their dream come true, even if it means walking an extra mile for them.

Let Us Talk Over


Let us talk over

To convert our client's fantasy into reality, we start with the next step. We visit the site and start thinking practically of all the possible ways to choose one best way to utilise the site to its maximum.

Budget Earmarked


Budget Earmarked

Every dream has its price. Here, at Cointerior we ensure that our customer does not spend a hefty amount for what they want. We try to put forward all the best quality options in front of them, out of which they can choose the most appropriate option without disturbing their budget.

Time to execute the master plan


Time to execute the master plan

Now, the customer needs to sit back and relax until we create what they always desire. It is the lengthiest process because we put our heart and soul into designing for our customers.
Finally, the wait gets over when we hand over our client the most precious dreams of yours turned into a reality.




Reviews always have a significant impact on every working body. We wait for the client's input and feel on the ninth cloud when we receive good reviews. For us, their satisfaction is the biggest prize of our hard work.

Why choose Feutsche?

Anyone looking for outstanding Exterior Design Solutions in Delhi and Gurugram could start by visiting Feutsche. For both home and business areas, we specialize in creating unique, aesthetically pleasing designs. Our skilled design staff puts forth endless effort to produce custom designs that completely match your distinct preferences and needs. We provide comprehensive solutions that match your demands, from developing a modest home terrace garden and office exterior design.

Our designs are not only beautiful on the outside but also practical, eco-friendly, and sustainable. In order to make sure that our designs withstand the test of time, we only utilize the best materials and methods. We take great pleasure in our professionalism, dependability, and dedication to client satisfaction here at Feutsche. You won't discover a better Exterior Design Service provider anywhere else, we promise, thanks to our knowledge and desire for quality.

Benefits of Exterior Design

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No matter the size of the property—a Small House Terrace Garden or Exterior Design in an Office is a vital component. At Feutsche, we recognize the value of an exterior that is thoughtfully planned and the influence it can have on a building's general appearance and atmosphere. The advantages of spending money on external design include the following:

  1. First, a well-designed façade can greatly improve how appealing your property seems from the street. A well-designed façade may set your house apart from the competition, whether it's by incorporating flora into a modest Home Terrace Garden or giving your office's exterior a contemporary, businesslike appearance.
  2. Second, outside design can make your property more useful. A well-planned terrace garden, for instance, can offer a tranquil outdoor area for leisure and relaxation. Similar to this, a well-designed business exterior may make both clients and staff feel welcome.
  3. Finally, external design can raise the market value of your home. Your property may have a better sale or rental value if the outside is attractive to potential buyers or tenants.

Feutsche specializes in developing one-of-a-kind, specially made exterior designs that are adapted to your own requirements and tastes. Whether you want to build a small house terrace garden or a contemporary Office Exterior Design, our team of skilled designers and architects can help you every step of the way, from concept to completion. Put your trust in us to create an external design that not only improves the look and value of your property.

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Being the largest in-home decorationg service in newyork city, you can work with us from anywhere!

Tips to make your home's exterior more beautiful

Making a good impression begins with designing a stunning exterior for your house. At Feutsche, our talented staff of designers and architects excels at producing distinctive and personalized exterior designs for our clients. Here are some pointers for beautifying your home's exterior:

Think about the landscaping. Landscaping may significantly improve the aesthetic of your property, whether it's a small house terrace garden or a massive office front. To create a beautiful and relaxing environment, think about incorporating flowers, plants, or perhaps a water feature.

Choose the appropriate hues. Your property's overall appearance and atmosphere can be significantly influenced by the exterior color scheme. Choose hues that accentuate the surrounding landscape and go well with the architecture.

Invest in high-quality supplies. Investing in high-quality materials can dramatically increase the tensile strength and longevity of your façade, from the paint to the roofing and landscaping components.

At Feutsche, we specialize in Indian House Exterior Design and provide our clients with the Best Exterior Design in Delhi, Gurugram. From choosing the ideal colors and materials to producing a unique design that suits your particular requirements and tastes, our team of specialists can help you at every step of the way.

Put your trust in us to design a gorgeous exterior that not only improves the attractiveness of your home but also increases its worth. With the help of our knowledge and experience in Exterior Design, we can make your home a stunning and pleasant place that you can be proud of.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What features does exterior design include?

Exterior design includes features such as landscape design, hardscape design, architectural style, colors, materials, and lighting.

How do you design the exterior of a building?

How is it important in exterior design?

Exterior Design is important as it creates the first impression of a building, enhances its aesthetic appeal, provides functional spaces for outdoor activities, and contributes to energy efficiency and sustainability.

How do you make a simple roof garden?

Prepare the surface, select plants and containers, add soil and plant, water and maintain regularly.

Is terrace garden safe for home?

Yes, a terrace garden can be safe for home as long as proper safety measures are taken and the weight capacity of the terrace is considered.

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